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GPS Navigation Radio

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Has anyone tried to put the navigation system in their 2004 or 2005, instead of the 6-CD Disk player? My dealer says it won't work but the same radio part numbers are the same as 04' and 05' and they say it won't plug up but no more hardware shows to be included.
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Dude your dealers dumb, anyway he must have bumped his head on a tree limb or there is something I don't know. I just took the nav out of my 04 and put in the 6 disc. Everything plugged in the same, BUT the nav uses an extra anttena for the gps , just another anttena pluggin on the back, and of course the regular anttena. But really think about it the nav system in the trucks isn't quit as great as some aftermarkets or in the dodge cars. I'm not saying its not good, just the screen isn't as large as it could be. If I can help anymore let me know thanks.
navigation radio

To the best of my knowledge there should be no problem. I previously owned a '03 Ram with the RBQ 6 disc CD player installed at the factory in it. I installed a '04 RB4 navigation radio in it and it worked perfectly, steering wheel controls and all. Naturally you will have to install a navigation radio antenna for it. If you remove the long thin piece of trim on the top on your dash there are already holes under it in the dash on the far right for the antenna and the two mounting screws. Then just reach under the dash and route the wire from the antenna to the area behind the radio for hook up to the radio. Installation is very simple. I also used the RB4 in a '04 Jeep Wrangler and it also worked perfectly. Good luck.
If you do a search, you'll find another thread on this issue. The nav unit to get is the RB1, which actually includes a map on the display; it is far superior to the RB4. My dealer advised me it wouldn't work, but I told him to order it anyway. I had my local car electronics specialty shop install it along with an Alpine 6-disc changer (the RB1 is made by Alpine). Everything is working great. I still prefer the Garmin for user-friendliness and a more detailed/informative display, but I'll trade that utility for the clean install.
You know you could just keep the 6 disc not worry about it and just buy a map. lol :p :D
I took the GPS out of the SRT and swapped the 6 disc from the RumbleBee. The Bee has the GPS and all I had to do was buy for $75 jobber price the GPS ant. The GPS from the SRT had an extra plug in back in addition to the GPS ANT? The Bee didn't have it but the GPS and everything else works fine. The Sirrius works fine too. :)
I wished I got the 6 disc cause I was thinking when I ordered the truck that the GPS would be like my Garmin. it completely and totally sucks compared to the aftermarket Garmin
I don't know if you guys can help or not, but my truck has GPS navigation, and is suppose to have sirrius satelite radio. At least that's what I was told at the dealership when I bought it. I know you need a subscription to have it, but should the radio already have buttons for it. I can't find anything on it but AM, FM, CD, and of course GPS. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
If I'm not mistaken(and naturally I never am) I don't thinke the nav unit is sattalite ready.

the gps is not sattalite read you will have to change it. 05 srt-10 :D yellow feaver

I would change raido with you my 6 dis four GPS 8rg8rz
I didn't think it was, but wanted to ask you guys! Thanks alot
My nav/gps has sirrius now. It cost $375 for all of the parts and install though. The nav does suck compared to Garmin though. I took it out of the SRT-10 and put it in the Rumblebee and put the B's 6 disc in the SRT. Much better. :)
Did you need an adapter or anything? I thought I read somewhere an adapter was required when swapping an RB1 in an '04. I just swapped an RB1 in my '04 I bought on eBay and the GPS works fine, but I get no sound from the radio. Do I need an adapter or a refund? :(
There are a few here that have swapped them out and I am sure they will chime in... :)

Sorry but I have an 06 and don't know that much about the RB4 or RB1...
should be plug and play, as far as i know...
My 05' has an RB1, no adapter needed...
I wAnt the nav! Lol anyone trade for the six? Email me!
I wAnt the nav! Lol anyone trade for the six? Email me!
I really enjoyed mine, it was pretty accurate.... some have never been able to figure them out
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