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Happy Birthday Tehaurai!

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What I would give to be 29 again!!!!! :D

Happy Birthday!
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You meant, of course, " What would I give to be 29 again, and live in French Polynesia!"

Happy BD and may many Tahitian Princesses ask you out tonight,ha!

Happy Birthday, and many more. Enjoy your special day.......Jack
Happy Birthday, enjoy your 29th. you will never see it again!! :D
Wow... 30 is just around the corner.... ;) Happy Birthday! :D
Thanks everyone, and yes 30ies are just around the corner. I can't beleive how fast years are flashing by............ok ok i won't complain, 29 in Tahiti....drivin' a silver Beast.......i am luckyyyyyy.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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