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Has anyone tried a cool can!

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We would use these when I used to run car's at the drag strip. Maroso makes on that is well insulated. You could put Ice in in the morning and it would be there all day. It should work (very close to what ford is doing on the lightning with the A/C) but thought I would ask if anyone has done this. Any way you can cool the fuel should help right. I would not be good for daily drivers but should be good for crusin around on the weekends>
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Actually I was thinking that one could be fabricated out of stainless and insulated (with another stainless outer shell). It would have to be in a convienent area..... oh look theres a big bracket in the engine bay with nothing in it. looks like its for a battery or something. now take a oil cooler from summit. install in bottom of tank. make a pretty stainless lid. it should be plenty big enough for cruise nights. and a big gulp full of ice is like 25 cents. gas stations can provide ice as well as gas. gee i wonder if boomer or hennessey is reading this thread. take a hint
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