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Heavy Rain Stalling.

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While Hurricane Ivan was making its way through Atlanta, I left work and drove through one of the strongest rain bans of this storm. We had 2-3 inches of rain in an hour. My truck started to sputter and shake like it was miss-firing. When I got home and put it in the garage, I lifted the hood to see where all the water was. I found a majority of it on the throttle position sensor and throttle body. I called my dealer and asked if I should bring my truck in. He said that if I did not get the check engine light not to worry. It seams to be running fine now. I remember some one else having this issue. What did they do for that person? Has anyone thought of putting a hood scoop cover on their truck, something to cover it when it is raining? Also, you cold climate owners, did the truck run cold in the winter? Would covering the hood scoop help?
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I have a clear piece of plexiglass cut to fit the hood insert opening...given to me from one of the guys at my dealership who ownes an SRT. I have not used it, mostly due to the fact that I do not get the truck in the rain much if I can avoid it.

I can vouch for the heavy rain bands produced from the hurricane...I just returned from the panhandle after 5 days of search and rescue ops...We were getting hammered on the way in after Ivan passed...slowed our team down to 35 MPH on the highway. I was glad I was not in the SRT!

I have been in some pretty heavy down pours here in Florida...just one of those things about being in the state during summer.... however and have not had this problem.
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