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How Hot Is Hot!!!

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I got my truck yesterday and I noticed that when I sit in slow or stopped traffic the water temp goes to a little above 200 and the oil temp goes to a little below 190. Can some body give feedback if that is normal.
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That sounds pretty normal to me...

You'll hear the fan pick up speed when the needle passes 200-205 and it will pull the temperature right down. If you have ever towed in the really hot weather (not just SRT10's) you'll see 220's or a little higher, and I believe the system will handle something like 250F. (But that would be hot).

190F for oil temp is plenty cool... very high 200's even low 300's would be the limit for oil temp. You won't see that unless you are really really ragging on it. There is actually an oil-water exchanger to cool the oil.
hey bob! even on our Victory motorcycles which are oil cooled, the fuel injection stays in the "cold start" mode until the oil temp gets to 180 degrees.
maybe she is just wanting to be "speeded" up a little!-how many miles have ya got now? :D
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