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how many srt10's are daily drivers?

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i was wondering how many of you drive your srt10 as your daily driven car/truck?
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"Toy" truck only. Chevy Trailblazer gets all of the grunt work. Z06 just sits there after I took delivery of the SRT last July.
Its my daily driver unless there is alot of snow/ice....1200 miles in the past 6 weeks

05 Black RC
I would like it to be, however with the winter we are experiencing I have to drive my 99 ram v-6 5 speed. Hey it gets great milage! :)
Mine unless it rains or snows.If the roads are wet I either don`t go out or finagle the Denali from the GF. :)

Not me. I always keep a "weekend" car. I have a co car for a daily driver - a 05 Cheby Impalla. Hey...its free and they pay for gas ;)
Mine stays covered up during work. I try to make it to the weekend but I usually fold and break her out for an hour or so in the evening.

Otherwise it's my 92 Cadillac Seville.
Mine will be a daily driver - even in the snow (at least I'll give it a whirl). I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and learned to drive during those long, long, very snowy prairie winters - rear while drives and no 4X4s. Besides we live in Montana's "banana belt" - yah right!

Billings, MT
Nope. Mine's a garage queen. Got the 99 Exploder for the winter. Covered in salt right now. Better it than the truck.
Mine's stashed in the warm garage too, the mag chloride & gravel the size of marbles keeps it inside nearly all winter. The DOT here really gets into their jobs! ML
Rain, sleet, snow, Ice, salt, sand or whatever it may be. I drive it everyday. C'mon guy's it's only a truck
You bet!

Every day in Houston rush-hour traffic. I bought it to drive it!!!

7 weeks and 1600 miles later the QC gets about 50% of use. Closing escrow on a building tomorrow to house my SRT's(Viper and QC) after the stacker arrives may also put my track rat(99ACR) there. Jeep GC Overland will get most of the miles now that the thrill of Big Red has dropped a little.
Daily driver here. Don't believe I can keep from it :D
Every other day, I rotate her with my powerstroke. its only 4 miles to work anyway and I figure i can drive as much as i want and they all be "low milage."
Daily Driven

Bought mine 2 weeks ago and now have 660 miles on it. bought it to drive, pictures are to look at.
Daily driver for me

Mine is definitely my daily driver. It won't get much use during the week because I carpool, but other than that I don't have an "alternate" source of transportation - at least not until summer when I can break out the R1 again!
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