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Motorbikes are a popular means of transportation in Vietnam. Therefore, most people have experience driving a motorbike. However, how to drive a motorbike safely and economically, not everyone knows it.
According to statistics, each day our country consumes about 12.5 million litres of gasoline, of which motorbikes are the most involved means of transportation. Therefore, it is not surprising that motorcyclists are only concerned about driving safely.
Understanding that, Stylemotorbike wants to share with experiences of driving safely and saving gasoline. Let's find out!

Remember to go to the right number

For a motorbike, whether old or new, if the actual speed is higher than the corresponding number, it will consume both gasoline and engine damage. Conversely, the larger the speed is, the weak engine and traction it is. Therefore, the motorbike driver remembers to adjust the speed according to the speed, turn the throttle to ensure safety and maximum fuel savings.

Stable velocity

The most efficient way of saving fuel nowadays is to use the throttle. Average speed is 40km/h with urban roads. While highways can be larger, under 60km/h. Besides, remember to keep a sufficient distance with the motorbike in front, limit braking quickly to avoid engine damage and ensure safety.

Reduce the speed remotely

The driver tries to look ahead to reduce the gas before seeing a red light or overcrowded road. When approaching the parking position, you should use both hand brake and foot brake to ensure safety.
Speeding down from a distance not only works to save fuel but it also minimizes accidents for you in traffic.

Limit throttle

Normally, after stopping a red light, people often turn the throttle to the maximum speed so that the motorbikes can pass through the road as quickly as possible. But this invisible general consumes fuel of the vehicle.
Therefore, the experience of driving a motorbike to save fuel and safety is to gradually increase the speed if it is a scooter, shift to gear if it is a gear.

Check tire pressure

If driving with a small pair of tires, it not only wastes fuel but also poses certain dangers to the occupants. Therefore, you should check the tire tension regularly to ensure safety and save fuel.

Reduce the load

Great weight makes the engine operate at full capacity and consume more fuel. The next time you need to remember to drive a fuel-efficient motorbike is to reduce the vehicle load when not needed.

Turn off the engine when stopping

When stopping the red light, instead of letting the engine explode, people should turn off the engine to save fuel.

Replace oil periodically

You have just bought a motorbike or a motorbike purchased a long time ago, you still have to change the lubricant after moving 1,000 km or 1,500 km. Remember to change the oil periodically to increase engine life and save fuel.

Have regular maintenance

Motorbike maintenance is very important to ensure your vehicle is always operating in the best way and saving gasoline. Because the maintenance will detect the smallest errors and soon fix them to avoid bigger errors.
Hopefully, with some safe and fuel-efficient driving experiences above, has given you helpful tips on driving motorbikes in Vietnam.


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