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Hurst t-handle replacement 3/8-16 thread..part # HUU-1530026..ordered thru summit racing..had this installed since feb...looks and feels better than stock..

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How About a Hurst Pistol Grip?

I kinda like the black one. :cool: Will they fit, or should I hit the 'Ask Tech' button on their site, as stated below?

Cleveland,Ohio(May 2004) CNC-machined from solid billet aluminum, these Hurst Pistol-Grip Shifter Handles are designed to provide a firm, comfortable, natural grip when shifting, allowing less chance of your hand slipping and missing a shift. Available in natural aluminum finish or an attractive black anodized finish with the Hurst name engraved in contrasting letters. One part number fits stock factory shifters in both Mustang w/12mm x 1.75 thread and Camaro/Firebird w/16mm x 1.50 thread.

Natural Aluminum Finish: Part #153 6000
Black Anodized Finish: Part #153 6010

FOR TECHNICAL QUESTIONS, please visit our website at and hit the "Ask Tech" button.
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