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I saw an automatic SRT-10!!

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I had pit passes at Talladega this weekend and got an up close look at one of the SRT-10s they were using for the Pace Car, and it had an automatic in it! Anyone know anything about this? I thought it was interesting. I left my digi at home, but did take a pic with a disposable I bought there and should get the pics back tomorrow. The window was closed, hopefully they come out ok. Wonder what trans it was?
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all pace cars have autos

it was posted somewhere else on this forum that someone saw a pace car with an auto and someone else said that all pace cars have autos
Some silly NASCAR rule. Wish I knew the reasoning behind that. Interior pics will be nice but I want one from under the truck. I'm curious as to which trans.

with that engine why would you have an auto!
"with that engine why would you have an auto!"

So it would be easier to beat the L's...
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