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I went down to the fuel jet for a 100 shot and left the 125 shot nitrous jet.

***** is bad now. i had about a half bottle and psi was around 1000. so i took her for a drive.

went over to my cousins house and drug him out in his 01 4.8 gmc sportside, he runs 7.87 in the 1/8.

we go out to a abandoned stretch of road and race a few times. First 3 times we race both of us N/A. He runs 8.9's and i run high 8.8's.

I pull him a truck to 50 or so, and he pulls back up beside me at about 80 then we stay the same till around 100 then i start pullin again. im about 1 ahead at 120.

then we race 3 times, both on spray. Before i changed jets he would get me by 3 cars or so to 100, 2 cars or so to 80.

1st race we line up and go. i pull 1/2 a truck to 20 or so then we both spray, he hooks and i spin a lil. Usually he would be pullin past me, but i was stayin beside him. we were neck and neck to 100.

the last 2 races were the same except we were both getting slower. we had used all our nitrous.

So we both go get our bottles filled and do it again.

this time i spin really good, and he pulled me by a truck to 50 but i hit second and slowly pulled back up to his front tire to 85.

we did it again, and i sprayed at 25 and hooked, he sprayed at around 20 and we stayed side beside till 40 and then i started pullin, i pulled him by a half or a lil more to 85 That is a nice 5 dollar mod. I feel i am WAY over 400rwhp now. Just need to loose weight.
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