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I mistakenly posted this thread in another forum and was kindly directed here.

Hot Teams Racing is a small heads up racing program in Phoenix that competes GM, Ford and MOpars in 5 on 5 team matches once a month.

We need help for our Feb match and we are trying to locate any SRT=10's in the area that would be willing to compete againt a Ford Lightning. If anyone has info on a truck in our area post here or email, please, and I will give you enough details to decide.

There are a lot of L's in this area but very few Dodge Trucks that can compete with them. We currently have 3 guys that are more than willing but they are a bit out gunned in near stock Dakotas. Our team ( Mopar Team) has a ton of fast cars but we can't help these guys out in this match, it is trucks only.

Let me know if anyone has any input or ideas.


For more info go here:
No charge for to sign up for this but there will be normal track entry fee of $15.00 to race.
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