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Make sure to warn your dealer

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The transport company must be VERY careful in offloading your SRT-10. The front end will drag if great care is not taken.

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The truck driver pointed that out to me as well. I wondered how he found out but it looked like they noticed before loading it (as in no scratches).
Its true... My dad just picked his up, and the guy that drove it off the trailor dragged the front end. (looks nice on a black truck :( ) The dealer said he would fix it, but my dad didnt want them sanding it down and repainting it, so he told them to order a new front facia. I should have come to this forum earlier to warn him!
Man those transport guys can really beat on stuff. Have you ever seen how tight they ratchet stuff down? They will pull trucks down to their bumpstops with chains, and I have had over 2000# in the bed of my truck and it was far from the bumpstops... I can't imagine what that would do to something a little more delicate.

Hey if your dad gets a new front airdam, I'll buy that scratched black one off him, that would be pretty cool. I've aready heard of the SRT-10 hood being delivered for just over $500 unpainted. This SRT-10 is really going to help the regular Ram aftermarket!
2 more have met the same fate. Now awaiting new facia.
9 seconds said:
2 more have met the same fate. Now awaiting new facia.
Sad, very sad... :( :(
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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