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Mods void warranty.

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Hello everyone I had a few questions.

1. If I put mods on my car or truck will or can the dodge service depertament refuse to work on my automobile even if I have full warranty like 7/70k miles?

2. What are mods. I meen you can put on after market rims ,exhaust and everything but no mods to engine or what confused please someone help so I understand how this works.

3. All of my friends drive ricer cars (not me)and mod the hell out of them they dont care about warranty so Im like what the. I meen do you people take care of your own automobile or you bring it to a special sevice place?

4. What mods are ok to have and wont avoid the warranty?

5.What mods can and will void the warranty?
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Any modification that the manufacturer can prove caused a failure is grounds to deny a claim.The manufacturer can not automatically deny a claim for adding mods. This is per an agreement with SEMA.That said they can deny a claim and it is up to you to dispute it .In my case with GM on my supercharged Denali ,it was frying fuel pumps both before and after the modification.After theIi had to pay for the third one.I subsequently put on a Walbro before I had a problem with the GM pump.

They can not void your waraanty if your motor blows up because you put on aftermarket wheels and tires.They may if your axle fails because the wheel/tire fitment in their estimation caused premature failure.It is a huge gray area and a lot of misinformation swirls about regarding this.

I am not cracking the engine or SC or TC mine until the warranty is out.I just want a dependable relatively fast daily driver.If I want to REALLY go faSSt I have the 900HP Impala that will scare your hair a different color. :)

To answer on the mechanic ,I have my car (and now truck sponsor) that does all my work in their shop....Scott Racing and Performance.I hope this sheds some light on this confusing issue.

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Will your Impala change my hair color back to blond from gray? :confused:
Droopy said:
Will your Impala change my hair color back to blond from gray? :confused:
I got some grey coming in as well...... its bullsh#t man!!!!!! help me out rokt!!! :D

Hey will change your hair from whatever color TO gray.Just got the motor dropped in this weekend while I was in San Antonio.Won`t be long now. ;)

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