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Most srt10's in your area!

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OK I live on an island which is about 700 square miles most of which is not accessable, population of about 130k. We now have 3 reds, 3 silvers and my black truck. Seven srt10's on this small island!!!!! many you got in your backyard? Maui already holds the record for most rent a cars per square mile.

NOTE: Craig dont take that question literally!! ;)

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i've seen two other trucks on the road. i live just south of san francisco. there are more trucks at the dealer than i've seen on the road!
Never seen one here in Cincy.Might be out there but???

Anchorage has about 300k people, so far there are 4 black, 2 silver, 1 red and 1 YF on the road. There is currently 1 red, 1 silver and 1 yf qc at one of the new dealers and 1 red at a used. Of course I haven't seen any of them on the road except the 05 Black that just got picked up about 3 weeks ago.... Too many rocks on the road right now for me to drive mine. As for other cities around here, in Fairbanks, the brothers that own the dealership up there have a red and silver one and have a Red qc for sale. I've heard of a few more in a couple other cities, but not where I can see them..... So Anchorage has 12...... and I think there is about 18 in Alaska!
I have seen 3 distinct srt rams on the road in NJ in the past 1.5 years. 2 black ones and the day or so before I bought my truck, a yellow fever coming down Rt 18 and yes, I was like WTF was that.

I have had my truck now for two weeks and have seen one other. A Black QC. I wasn't really paying attention prior to that.
I haven't seen another one on the road in NH yet, and there is a yf q/c at a dealership, and a silver used one at the viper dealership in Laconia
I have only seen one on the road here locally, and that was about 2 weeks ago.
I got behind a brand new Viper convertible a few days ago.
It had dealer tags and the driver was a little scared of it I believe :rolleyes:

My truck probably gets mistaken for a SRT-10 alot :eek: :eek:
I live in a town of about 50K with a lot of small neighboring towns. I have yet to see another SRT-10 on the road. However, I saw another red RC truck sitting in a Park and Ride. The owner of a local Chevron station was the first in the area to own an SRT-10 with a silver one. My son met a guy with a black RC at a gas station and saw a black QC driving in a snow storm. The manager at a local tire store has a YF RC. People have told me of a couple more QCs running around as well. A guy from New Zealand just flew in and bought the YF QC at the local dealership and shipped it home. There are more trucks 40 miles north in Salt Lake City but I don't have any idea how many.
:( Been driving mine now for over a year...and have only seen ONE other :mad: not to many to play with! Santa Monica CA.

6,012mi :cool:
None in the Northwoods...last fall there were only 6 in the state of Wisconsin.
Have not seen another on the road in Chattanooga, TN. There was a used 2004 Red RC at the there was one at one time. They also have #495/500 Yellow QC on the showroom floor. I actually test drove it, but had my Silver QC brought up from Atlanta.

Trust me, this baby is breakin' necks in Chattanooga!!!
I haven't seen another one yet on the road, Bucko is supposed to have one in Lincolnton but have'nt seen it. And the underground is putting on together for a guy in charlotte, stroker motor with paxton, saw it last week, they should dyno it here before long.
SRT-10s in town

Here in Billings, MT there's a red SRT-10 RC and my silver one :D - haven't seen any others. The local Lithia dealer has had a YF QC on the showroom floor for almost 3 months!

There's a 2004 red SRT-10 in Cody, WY.
The only one's I have seen are at the local dealerships, other than mine. I live 5 miles from memphis and the most exotic rides you will see around here are the 79' model caprice's with spinners!(lol) Hell here corvettes are rare.
Down here in the South Georgia farmland there are not any that I know of ! Everyone that sees mine thinks it is a Rumble Bee with a Hemi in it ! ;)

Kinda glad I got em fooled :D
01GTB said:
I live near Craig. I've seen a few :eek:
HEHE. Yea, most of all my babies will be in my yard soon. Most work on them is finishing up over the next 6-8 weeks, so I'll have all 18 of my vehicles parked on my crab grass :)

F' my home owners association.

I have only seen one QC with a giant diamondplate work box on the back!!!
I've seen one black RC in nocal,and one yellow fever and silver locally..
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