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My Magnaflow cat-back arrived yesterday!!

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My girlfriend bought me the system for X-mass. It just arrived yesterday(ordered it after X-mass). I am going to try to install it today. I will post pics of the underside, since it will be on a lift. Maybe the pics I post will help discussions in the future. IT LOOKS GREAT!! :D I CAN'T WAIT TO GET IT ON THE TRUCK!!!!!!!! :)
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You will love it.Good luck.

Thanks Roktman,
I see that you are in Ohio, wondering if you go to the Mopar Nats? I am from Lancaster O.H. and I go back every year to the Nats. I am looking foreward to taking the SRT-10.
Actually no.In the summer my schedule is pretty full for showing my Impala .Super Chevy shows,the Impala Nationals and various other shows.Plus my duties as a ISSCA Director.Sounds like a good time though.


Myself and two mechanics installed the system in about 15-20 min. start to finish. Having more people helps a lot. They system is AWSOME!! Fit and finish is great, sound is deep and powerfull, without being to loud.
Here are some pics..if they work. :D


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Get any leaks? Or did you just weld it? The sound is awesome!!!! Pops and gurgles are so cool when letting off the gas....especially going down a hill...

:) I did not weld it, and I do not hear any leaks. It does small a little, but that is usual for a new exhaust.
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