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Navigation system question

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My truck came with the Nav/CD player. But the maps suck. It can't find anything other than major arteries and a few streets. I tried to put in my last 4 addresses and couldn't get any of them. Are there any better maps out there available? I'd even go for a more detailed map of my state Florida. :confused:

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Ed, Have you contacted your dealer? I have the Nav system as yet have not needed it but the few times I have fooled around with it it seems to be detailed enough. I even get some streets in my area that are just paper roads. :confused:
Just sell the RB4 Nav Unit on ebay and get the RB1 Nav Unit from Mopar. It is a much nicer piece.
Sound advice from TommyLee. I've been pleased with the RB1 overall (though it's certainly no Garmin). Leagues ahead of the RB4.
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