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I just acquired this beautiful and fun YELLOW FEVER with only 4300 miles. It was a show truck and went to many shows in the 2006-2009 time periood. The previous owner and friend had started to install a Nitrous system. He got the system plumbed but he became interested in Corvettes instead of the SRT. He took Vettes to shows and did a lot of rally racing. The bottom line is that he never completed installation of the Nitrous. The computer and bottle actuation wiring never got connected. I think this is good because the engine is still basically stock except for headers and K&N filter. I am trying to decide whether to go back to the stock configuration (I have all of the original parts) or to leave it as is and enjoy it or maybe sell it and get one that I can use on a daily basis. This truck is simply too clean to park at the grocery store and the bed is filled up with 2 large Nitrous bottles. Anyhow I love my new truck. If you have any ideas on what I should do I'd appreciate your input.
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