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New Exhaust

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Hi, y'all!

I just got my truck back from Gibson Performance Exhaust. They used my srt for r&d to develop their exhaust. Here are the numbers

before - completely stock

HP = 406.0
Torque = 417.8

After - prototype cat-back system

HP = 417.8
Torque = 456.7

The before run was done about ten degrees cooler than the after run, so all things being equal, the results should be a bit better. Sound is much better, too!

Here are the links to the charts: Chart

Before: Before

After: After

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I think they look great. I'll get my daughter to take a pic and post it.

wow isnt your HP and torque a little low for stock? I like the gains, but i thought the first dyno i saw was 450hp and 470tq
I don't know. I've heard that 15 to 20% loss from engine to rear wheel ratings is "normal", but I'm not an expert or even pretend to be knowledgable about this stuff.

Maybe someone else can enlighten me :cool:
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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