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Hi All! I've had my '06 Ram SRT-10 since 2008. 80k (miles) I live in Canada on the Westcoast.

I'm pretty sure my slave cylinder is going and I'm still on my original clutch. It's my daily driver and I've had it on a road course twice and would like to continue to track it once a year or so.

What clutch kits would you recommend? I don't need anything special and the information is overwhelming for someone like me who has only a basic understand of the mechanical side of things. I can't even find the OEM part numbers! I'm fearful of ordering the incorrect parts, or not getting all the parts I need. I have 2 weeks in February lined up with a shop to do the job (when I can get my hands on a loaner car. I would like to order soon to ensure I have the parts on hand when the time comes.

Thanks for being a source of wisdom for these cool vehicles!

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