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New Owner, few questions

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I inherited my dad's 2005 Ram Srt-10 QC. This is a stereo question, I'm looking to replace with all kicker like a lot of people have but I cannot find part numbers for the ones used in this pickup. Or does it matter and can just go off the sizes? Was also wondering if anyone knew the part number for kicker for the speaker amp and the subwoofer amp. One more, has anyone used the factory replacement cd players from JEGS? some have bluetooth, was curious about them. I'm checking all these routes before I just do ahead and a do a full system install. I won't be driving the pickup all that much so wanted easiest way possible.
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The OEM Kicker upgrade stuff isn't made any more, you'll have to source your own.
2005 has a canbus system that i had to completely bypass but others have said there is a connector now.

FB pages you can search for the posts

The Viper Pit

Dodge Ram SRT-10

wiring from radio goes to front amp (behind pass airbag). Only rear speakers go to front amp.

Front amp splits signal to dash and door speakers and sub amp, sub amp goes to sub obviously.
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HemiLonestar is correct the “Kicker” parts are not made anymore. The kit came with 2 “Tweeters” for the front dash panel. 2 round Mid range for the front doors, 2 6x9 ovals for the rear doors, subwoofer for under the back seat (passenger side) and a 500 way power amp to mount under the dash. There was No replacement for the stereo head. Check out my post from around 2009 where I replaced my equipment with the entire Kicker system. Best I can remember I listed all parts by part number. When you do install the new speakers make sure you disconnect the middle dash tweeter or you will not get any left right separation. Don’t ask me how I know. The weak spots in the original were in the power amp and the subwoofer. Try replacing them first before you jump in with both feet
My phone keeps screwing up my post, those gaps aaren'tmy fault, i swear
My phone keeps screwing up my post, those gaps aaren'tmy fault, i swear
2005 was still PCI bus, CAN debuted in 2006. PM me the pics (if you can) and I'll post them for you lol.
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