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New Redhead in town,and she's available.

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Got in a Red SRT-10, and the customer who ordered it decided to keep their Prowler instead. So this loverly lass is available to the first one that wants to pick r up,ha.

Not over sticker , by the way.

Bill Pemberton
Woodhouse Viper
[email protected]
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can i use my friends and family discount?? PLEASE...
They don't have Friends and Family Eligibility on the Viper, SRT-10 Ram, or the SRT-4. In other words, all da cool cars/trucks we all want. We are fair on the pricing, and thanks to the Board, this one is gone, but I found out we have a Silver one getting very close ( was ill on Monday and hadn't checked on status for about a week ). The Silver one is available to the first individual with a deposit, and I will even throw in a fantastic Woodhouse hat - big whoop , right? Actually, it is a cool hat.

Thanks for asking. We do have special financing , courtesy of a Viper Owner who is a Banker, so there are some perks with the truck.
I would like to apologize for the late response, but I would like to thank SRT forums and Bill Pemberton for my SRT-10. I have never bought a vehicle with no hassle or pressure. Bill is very professional and honest. I put an order in October 5th. Through one cancellation and month late reorder, I decided to call Bill. Within 1 week, my truck was delivered to my front door. Words can not describe this truck. I don’t know how Dodge will out do itself on this one. Thanks again to SRT forums and Bill. It’s nice to know that there are still honest and professional people out there. :D
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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