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Newbie Here - Just got an 05 SRT10 Quad Cab...

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Anyone else out there with a quad cab yet? Any quarter mile times? I have heard this truck will run anywhere from 13.1-15.8...My guess is low 13's. It's a pretty bad ride - I just wish they would have geared the tranny tighter. The shift from first to second is too large of a ratio, and you lose about 2,000 RPMs. It does, however, have nice line pressure and will chirp into second. Surprisingly, though, it revs at 2,200 RPS at 70 MPH, despite the 456. I forget the exact ration, but it is significantly overdriven in 4th.

Bad news is I had to sell my 03 ZO6 and my Silverado to get it...Going through a divorce and tried to get the best of both worlds.

What are the best bang-for-the-buck performance mods? THis thing sure seems like its got a lot more than it gives-feels like more air would make a huge difference. Any suggestions on the best intake mods? Thanks!
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Welcome to the forum.Headers and Magnaflow catback give a real SOTP feel.I am doing the VEC 2 next month and I think that will be a good bang for the buck with 60 HP and 104 lb/ft of torque.

Roktman: Thanks for the reply. Call me ignorant, but can you let me know what the VEC 2 is and where the best place is to get it? Thanks.

Your now a member of the "RED Button Club"


p/s: let the mods begin........
Thanks, Quicksilver. I am still debating on whether or not I like that red button...

Roktman: Answered my own question on the Viper Engine Controller.

Anyone have a good suggestion on air intake? I really think better breathing would make a huge difference on this truck. The only thing I have found is the cold air intake at Hennessey-they only call for a 10HP gain.
tomato said:
I really think better breathing would make a huge difference on this truck.
You might think that by the way it looks. The factory air intake works pretty good. Check with K&N and see what they claim. Most of the easy gains come from exhaust upgrades and computer work. The VEC 2 improvements mentioned are not peak increases but increases along the entire curve.:) Exhaust mods from custom long tubes and complete exhausts to simple secondary cat deletion have shown good gains.
Welcome! :D

I'm kind of surprised your truck 'chirps' 2nd gear from the factory, but I'm glad it shifts that good for ya! I had a '99 Lightning and after the computer got done telling the tranny how to shift (Torque Reduction and all), it was like warm poop. :p Sounds like yours shifts the way a performance vehicle should! :cool:

Good Luck with it!
Hi Mike...

I've had my '05 QC now for 2 weeks. I too can confirm that if you plant it and get down into first gear she'll rip a nice loud chirp going up into second and make your blood flow to the back of your head until it finds third. YAHOOOOOO!!

My biggest complaint is that at about 25% throttle from a standing start it shifts all the way up into third by the time I'm across the intercestion. Dealer's going to look at it after the new year.

By the way, because I hate reading manuals, I just found the stereo switches on the backside of the steering wheel. I was getting frustrated having to lean way over to look for and reach the stereo, plus I kept changing lanes as I leaned over.

I'm also ordering headers, exhaust, airfilter and the VEC2 for the new year.

Hamrhead: The shift firmness was a nice surprise. I should not need to electrnically increase the line pressure. The shift points suck, though. It shifts up at only 5,100 RPMs, and I think it is leaving too much HP on the table. I still only have 400 miles on it, so I'll give it a bit more time before "exploring" the rev limiter.

Quick: Thanks for the link. I actually found that and e-mailed K&N about fitment. They are not yet sure if it will fit the 05 quad cab, but I am betting that it will. I might go ahead and order it through Summit, as they have a great/easy return policy. Did you feel a decent gain? I know the FIPK made a HUGE difference on a 5.3L Chevy I used to have.
Ernie: Cool deal! It took me a few hours to find the radio controls, too. I knew they had to be somewhere, so I searched. I agree, though, that the shift points, especially at part-throttle suck. I also hate the huge RPM drop once you hit second gear. They obviously did this to make up for the 456 - first gear is definitely a blast, though! Hopefully Hypertech will come out with a decent programmer for this vehicle. I might ask my dealer to do some custom PCM programming as well.

You should be able to get the dealer to do this for nothing. I told the service manager at my dealership that the shift points were so off that I was in fact lugging the engine unless I was accelerating hard. I told him that he needed to file my complaint in my warranty file so that when my engine needed replacement it would be done for free wether I had abused it or not.

Once I put it to the service manager like that he said to bring it in and they try to fix it for me. Sometimes you just got to stroke the right place for these guys to get things accomplished.

By the way, if you want to keep the RPM's up while driving around in the city just push in the tow/hauling button(that is if you bought it with the towing option) on the end of the gear shift lever. This keeps the tranny from shifting up into overdrive.

Enjoy the ride!

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