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No Wing

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It Now Has A Bed Cover, What Do Think?


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Bed cover looks good..more of a sleeper truck..i am keeping my wing on i enjoy all the stares from people ..have not seen another Ram SRT-10 in this area..
That looks awesome. I think it looks much better without the wing
Yea, I agree looks alot better with the bed cover and no wing.

You need to bring the Ram Srt 10 and the Viper to Bowling Green for the V-10 nationals. 60-80 Vipers and Trucks expected
Bed Cover

Looks great !! Who's is it??? Just received my Black SRT-10 this morning, bought it in Dallas and had it shipped up via Inter-City Van Lines, mine has been in BG status since September... My heart skipped a beat when they started it up inside the truck and I heard that fantastic growl...

Like it...

Very lean, I'd been interested in knowing the manufacture of the cover.

much much better!
With cover I think it's a clean look, Nice choice
Looks good, but I still love the wing!
Looks good, but wing is better. Now lets see a picture of wing mounted on bed cover!!!!
So how much you want for the wing?
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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