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North Carolina Dyno Day

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We are going to have a get together this Saturday in Durham NC
for a dyno day. I would like to extend an invitation to the
members here if you would like to join us.
It would be nice to have a Ram SRT-10 there :)

Here is the pertinent info.

The correct time is 10:00 am on March 20th ..

Carolina Auto Masters
113 South Elizabeth Street, Durham, NC 27701
(919) 680-3966

This place rocks. The dude running it is cool and won't always limit you to only 3 pulls (but don't get carried away). He really interacts with you and gives you feedback on every mod you can come up with.

$50 for 3ish pulls if we have 5 or more folks. With or without a/f, that's up to you. 4 or less folks is $65. Cash or check.
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Oh well ...No SRT-10's showed up.
Too bad ...there was a Cummins there that had something for ya :D
He laid down 486.3 rwhp, and in previous runs he has over 900 ft lbs tqe :cool:

I was the second highest Hemi there ...278 rwhp and 318 tqe


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Masesrt-10 said:
what kinds of mods do you have on your hemi?
Performance: Cold Air Induction { / powershot },
Magnaflow muffler, 4.56 gear, Torque Mgmt. Mod, Mobil One synthetics.

Other mods: Lowered w/Groundforce kit 1.5 / 4.5, tinted, debadged, tonneau cover, SRT-10 hood

Thats about it.
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