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Well, I got back in town a few days ago, and I needed to go and get a hair cut. It had not been driven since before x-mas. So I got in the Dodge and started it up, and I noticed the engine lite was on. I let the truck run for a few minutes and turned it off. Started it again, and it did the same thing. So I still drove it to go and get a hair cut, and as I took off, it turned off. Started it up again, and was on my way. As I go I am coming up to a red lite, I pull it out of gear to down shift, the RPMS stay about 4200, And do not go down. All I could do was turn the truck off. So I got it back to the house, nice and slow. I will make a long story short, my buddie took it to the shop today, and the Throttle Position Censor was bad...The mechanic said he will check the warranty.. :confused:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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