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NYC International Auto Show pictures *56k beware*

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The show was packed more so then I have seen it before. So the pics might not all be the best because I had to rush them and I had my camera on the lowest quality setting also. And to add insult to injury my battery died half way through the show. So enjoy the pics!

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I will sell the SRT 10

I will sell my brand freakin new srt 10 ram to buy the V-10 Challenger/cuda car

Jesus H. Christ on a pony!
That V-10 (supercharged?) Challenger is freakin' AWESOME!
Make it a removable hardtop instead of convertible, and I'm in. Yellow and all! :)

Funny: Dodge sent me tickets to the Columbus Intl. Auto Show, to check out the Ram SRT-10. We go to the show. Every concept vehicle Dodge/Chrysler has is there. All the production models are there.
Only vehicle not there: Ram SRT-10.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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