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One More New SRT-10

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Folks, Just picked up my red SRT-10 yesterday. I placed the order on May 20, 2003. Here are 18 hours worth of observations:
The truck is fast.
The dealer did a great job of prepping for delivery.
Seats are comfortable.
Brakes are great.
I like my choice of colors(red).
Dodge did a great job with the rear suspension to fight wheel hop.
The aluminum differential cover was not polished, I'll have to figure out how to do that.(suggestions)
The middle seat belt flops around the back of the cab.
The dealer left off the front license plate bracket. (I live in NJ):)
Need to figure out which soft tonneau will fit with the wing
Will need whell locks ( Nayone know the part # from Dodge
The tail gate does not lock ( Will someone take it for the SRT 10 emblem)
I am disappointed that Dodge does not recomend the installation of a camper top. I was hoping to have the fastest pickup camper in the world,(only kidding).
Any NJ SRT 10 owners out there??

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So, I guess no front plate is required in NJ?
I was thinking of how I can get out of mounting a bracket. My truck will be in Utah.
In europe they paint the plate numbers onto the bumper, I wonder if thats ok in the usa?
Front plate is required in NJ. The dealer was letting me decide if I wanted it mounted. Nice touch. Joe
I'm not in NJ, next door over in PA, but I have to decide wether or not to 'go for it' as I found a Black one AND a Silver one today! :D Nice Rides! Congrats!
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