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Picked up my SRT 10 friday

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ALL I can say iw WOW

actually that is what almost everyone that sees it says

As a former Ram sst, dakota r/t, and ford lightning driver
I have to say dodge hit the nail on the head with this truck

Now granted Ford did do a few things better especially the service issues-- IE all SVT owners get cars if theirs goes in for service

but all in all Dodge made this thing awesome

plus since I ordered it my name is on the sticker kinda cool

Sterling Hgts MI
04 Red SRT 10
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Congrats on the truck, you definately have to do something with the exaust system, it is as quite as my wifes buick. What I did was cheap and fast. I took it down to the muffler shop told them to take the muffler off and replace it with stainless pipes from the second cat back. It now sounds AWSOME it is still quite when cruising down the E way. But it is VERY raspy when you let the gears slow down the truck, it crackles and pops like mad, but it still sounds great. Any how, if you want to hear mine I only live on 23mi & I-94 so its about 15 minutes away from sterling heights.
Rolex, my inlaws live at 14 & scheonehr I'm over theere aa couple times a week, I am at rogers roost every wednesday night around 9:45. I'll Pm With my cell.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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