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Power # (Question for John Hennessey)

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Power #

Hi John. What exactly was done to achieve the 40 HP and 50 lbs tq. Was it just the headers or a combination,ie engine management, cold air system?
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So far we just have cold air induction system, long tube headers with 1.75 in. primary tubes and 5-to-1 merge collectors, no cats and 2.5 in. mid-pipes flowing into 2 high flow stainless mufflers. The rear section of the exhaust is stock all the way down to the tips. We got 472 rw hp and 500 rw tq with a heat soaked motor. We are doing a custom VEC program the mods above and it is entirely possible that we could see 500 rw hp once the computer is tuned. Our air/fuel ratios on the 472 rw hp run were 11.2 which is pretty fat for NA. Considering that a stock Ram SRT10 maybe makes 430 rw hp on a good day, there is quite a bit of upside with these bolt-on parts.
Hi JOHN The fist thing I would like to do is change the stock air box to a cold air intake. I want some thing that will fill the spot where the stock one is and the extra battery box is. Does yours do this, do you have any pictures of yours yet, if so could you post it. Thanks joea
We dont do anything to fill the batter box with our cold air kit. We mount the filter as close as we can to the cold air source. And for us, the cold air source is just to the passenger side of the radiator. You just remove the plastic cover from behind the hood grill.

If you want something to replace the non-functional battery box on the passenger side of the engine compartment, then I you might want to consider adding our supercharger system. Its going to fit in that general area.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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