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Prototype Long Tube Headers Almost Done

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There are a few pictures at the link above. We have one side done and will have both sides done and the truck on the dyno by the end of next week. The Viper SRT10 makes 474 rw hp with a good set of headers, exhaust and air induction so that is our target power for the Viper truck.
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I'm going to miss the VCA meeting at (yawn) D&B. Let us see what those headers look like out of the truck.

Sorry we missed you at the meet Steve. We brought this header to show you. We will have the other side done this coming week and hope to have some dyno numbers soon. Take care,


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Nice looking header. The other side should be interesting. I had a chance to catch an Astro's game today. They played my home town KC Royals. You'll have these headers at the V-10 nationals right? I'll PM you my new cell number.

Both headers are done except for a few welds. They look nice, fit nice and are 41-43 inches long with Burns 5-to-1 racing merge collectors. We should have the truck on the dyno by Monday and will report the results after we run it. Steve you are welcome to come by the shop and watch it and hear it make a few dyno pulls.
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