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Putting your SRT on a diet.

I won't take credit for it but it looks like some good stuff. Check out the original post for updates and discussion here.>

I don't recommend them all though. I put some notes in ().

1 lighter tires and wheels = can save you 100lbs (SRT wheel/tire=78# each, Tire =41#)
2 remove tail gate = can save 69lbs to 110lbs (54.9# on SRT)
3 remove spare tire and jack pieces can save 71lbs (SRT jack=9.1#, spare=79.9#)
4 remove most gas in the gas tank [1/4 tank or less] can save 100lbs to 165lbs (6.34#/gallon)
5 remove window washer tank with water = can save 9lbs
6 remove wipers = can save 1 1/2lbs
7 remove stock air intake system. = can save 2lbs (this and the extra battery tray=8.2# on SRT)
8 run light weight pullys and short belt. save 1-2lbs
9 remove fan and shroud with elec. fan = can save up to 10lbs
10 remove passanger seat and center seat = can save 80lbs
11 lighter battery = can save 12lbs
12 shorter exhaust system = can save 12lbs
13 remove any extra water from the radiator tank = can save 1-2lbs
14 remove sound system = can save 4lbs to 100lbs (SRT sub + bracket = 15.9#, tool tray = 8.38#)
15 remove sound proof material and carpet = can save up to 60lbs
16 removed the front sway bar = can save 20lbs
17 remove one leaf from each side. = can save up 25lbs (R U crazy?)
18 remove A/C compressor, condenser, lines can save up to 74lbs
19 remove hood liner = can save up to 3lbs
20 remove stock plastic wiper cowl = can save 3lbs
21 remove factory reciever hitch and bumper = can save up to 100 lbs (?)
22 remove all 4 fender wells = can save up to 15 lbs

Not weight reduction but suggestions to decrease ET.
1 relocate battery to space under bed
2 Use toneau cover w/tailgate
3 Fold in mirrors

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1- always good also personilizes truck. 2,3-usually do these at track, 4- our Ls need a minimum 1/4 tank because of pickup location in tank, "under hard acceleration & shifts" to keep from starving motor of fuel. 7-who stays stock anyways? 16-some do at track, 21-great idea, if dodge still offers fact. rollpan, keeps nice clean look.
now your almost down to a stock Lightning weight..& you just got back roughly 40 of the 60 HP lost to extra weight (HP to weight as compared to L's) And thats just the easy stuff :D

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I removed the tailgate, hitch, spare tire and ran it, but I couldn't hook up for sh!t. With Hoosier wrinkle wall slicks and traction bars!

The best run I have ever had was with the mirrors folded in, and the hitch and spare tire removed. Keep the tonneau cover installed and the tailgate installed and closed.

I needed that weight over and behind the rear axle to hook up!

a lot of lightnings move the battery to under the bed to remove front end weight and put it in the back. they make custom mounting backets!
Something you can consider, I'm sure there is space under there!

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9 seconds said:
Thanks for your input D Davis. It looks like they left out a big one. Putting the driver on a diet. Much easier to pull off the tailgate!
Agree! it's easier to bolt on 30-40HP than loose 50 pounds.LOL
The traction thing, depends. When I wrecked the back of my L had the tailgate, bumper off, but did bolt hitch back on, approx 70lbs, just in case, never had traction problems with my slicks & traction bars. Not sure what HP wikdsvt runs.
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