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Quad cab

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My new quad cab is on the way. Black and soon to be mine. I am so freakin excited - as newbie as they come. Anybody with one? ANy complaints or things I need to make sure of when purchasing? Thanks! :D
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Congrats Man, And welcome to the wonderful world of hp. RC here so I can't help you with your questions. But good luck :D
Welcome, this is a great forum with tons of info and a buch of really great people. Nothing out of the ordinary with this truck ... except oh yeah 500 hp. Anyway i work @ a shop so i have had the chance to go over mine on a rack. if you have any questions just post a thread and everyone will help. BTW congratulations on a purchase that hauls a** and all your s***
Quad Cab

I have a Red Quad Cab :)
The thing is awesome...have a K&N cold air intake on order, soon to be followed by a MagnaFlow exhaust.
The truck is awesome. Congrats man :D
Congrats on the new purchase!

I have had my QC (black one too) for a week now. I ordered it back in November and couldn't sit straight for nearly 3 months while I waited for it to be built and shipped, so I know how you feel!

So far, no complaints whatsoever - I love this beast! She's quick, nimble, and very comfortable to drive. You are going to be a very happy guy! :D
Congrats famtruck..........your now in the "red button club"!!!!!!!!!!
RBC baby.... I am a black RC too, dont have any QC knowledge except you still got 500 hp!!!!! The only thing you need to make sure of............your gonna smile a lot after you get that beast!!!!! .....its awesome dude....

I literally have a big a** smile across my face right now as I am reading these posts. I appreciate hearing from all of you. I have been reading these boards on and off for awhile and I finally decided to post now that my truck is somewhere near Tijuana being shipped to me. I got a black QC with as much bells and whistles as I could. I have a Thunderroad Hemi now and have the hard cover - I was a little bummed to find out that my new truck doesn't have it. I saw a post that they would have them available in March. I first test drove an RC last year and got it over 100 mph with the salesman. We had to clean both seats off afterwards. My wife who was six months pregnant with our first wouldn't let me buy a truck without room for the baby (she didn't think the truck bed would be safe for him). I can't sleep I'm so excited. I have learned a tremendous amount from the posts on this site (technical and otherwise) and it has really helped me out. Thanks. Andy :D

Welcome to the Ram Viperholic Family.

The new cover has the wing on the cover, much nicer than cutting a cover to fit around the wing. And the cover is from Dodge made for the SRT10's.

The Big Smile that goes with driving a SRT10 originates from the Viper motor. It gets addictive and you will want Mooooooow Power.
Congrats on your new QC. I'll bet you can't wait to hit the "RED" button for the first time. Talk the dealer into giving you the lifetime oil change option, they get costly @ $100 a pop. ML
Aluminum Tonneau w/ Fixed Spoiler

Hey! I actually work in aftermarket accessories for a dealer... Have a customer looking for the tonneau you guys have mentioned might be available in march?? Was curious where you found that info - I would like to get myself a little better informed. Thanks!
I saw a thread (John Hennessey I believe) on this site said that he had information it would be May (somewhere else I saw posted March) - that is all I know, sorry
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