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Radio Problems...

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:( Can't seem to get the "MODE" button to STOP @ the CD. Keeps going from AM to FM only, as if it didn't have a six/cd changer. Is there a fuse or something that I'm missing?? :confused: :( :confused:

p/s: told her not to go that FAST, stopped working right after that :rolleyes:
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im bringing my truck in on monday to have my radio (hopefully) replaced under warranty. sometimes my radio works sometimes it doesnt. when it does, i get a message saying to insert nav disk, i do that, then i get a message saying radio is updating. takes 5 minutes than works fine. then after like 3 days it stops working again. very frustrating. any tips on how to get dealership to replace rite away??? because i am sure the radio will work fine when i bring it in.

something is definitely wrong.
heading out to dealership tomorrow am. thankfully radio is still screwed up, i was worrying that it would correct itself and the service dep would tell me i was an idiot and nothing was wrong. taking a day off of work for this, it better get replaced!!
alrite im fed up with dealerships. i took the day off work to bring her in and get radio fixed. they have it for an HOUR and then call me and say you are all set!! i said really? she said yep, we took it out and sent it to get "fixed". may take a couple of weeks. i laughed and said thanx. she said you are gonna have to come back in, well call you. LOL i am now staring at a black hole, listening to myself hum while getting lost.

so now, out of SPITE i would like to replace my radio by myself. has anyone upgraded their radio to something besides an rb1 or rb4? i went to crutchfield and they say nothing fits. so i guess i am stuck with going for the rb1. ALSO, can i install this myself? i think i just have to hook up the rear pins and i am all set.

any advice is much appreciated.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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