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Ram SRT-10 vs. Ferrari 360 Modena

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NEWS FLASH!!!!!! (and also a change from the Ram vs. Lightning) :p

About a couple of hours ago, I was driving about 30 miles an hour on a straight road just coming out of my house, where about 200 yards in front of me, I see a red Modena about to make a U-turn. Thinking he would be a decent driver and wait until I pass for him to make th U-turn since I'm too close to the turn, I keep on driving without slowing down, since I also have the right-of-way.

About 100 yards before the U-turn, this guy hits the gas and jumps right in front of my Ram, making the U-turn :rolleyes: He makes the turn without me running into him, but keeps his foot on the gas, thinking he could easily outrun me :rolleyes: I get pissed, and although his car was an F1 and not manual, I still knew I could give chase :p

So, guy goes from 1st to 2nd, 3rd, 4th....all down a quarter mile stretch roughly, without removing his foot from the pedal, which I can easily tell given the high revving engine almost to redline guessing by the sound... Well guess what, throughout this quarter mile, the guy couldn't even pull away by 1 car length!!!! :D

The guy immediately slows down and takes the right lane giving way for the mighty Ram ;) I pass by him, he gives a thumbs up, and I drive away smiling :D

If I can only get the new Viper Coupe and find myslef a nice 05 vette to play with :cool:
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Good job on the run.Gotta like running with the prancing horse.Way to represent the Ram! :) :)

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