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Re-locating battery to the rear.

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I am interested in moving the battery to the rear of the truck. I did it in my old muscle cars, but realize it might be more complicated in a new vehicle. (computers, sensors, voltage drop..ect.) I thought I saw somewhere in the many posts, that one of you has already done this.
If anyone has some input on the best way to do this, and where to mount it, I would appreciate it. I thought first in the bed(but do not want to loose space), then thought of making a bracket, and mounting it on the rear frame rails somewhere??? Using an Optima battery, it could be mounted sideways, or upside-down. ANY THOUGHTS???
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You wont be allowed at the track if you dont have a kill swtich. Just keep that in mine also.
That may have been me your thinking about. I installed a hitch and then built a battery box/holder that would insert from the rear. With the spare tire removed of course. I used welding cable quick connects on the "hot" cables so I can easily move the battery from the front to the rear for drag racing. Sorry, no pictures yet.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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