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Really great deal

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Hey guys , just thought I'd pass this on in case someone out there might want an srt and don't care if its 04 or 05, DOwn in gastonia nc theres a dodge dealer willing to take a lose on a red with nav, just pm me and i''ll help ya out or call info then get them and ask for kirby, tell em sawyer sent ya, somebody out there will get a great deal and a better truck. Thanks, ekool or 9 seconds I'm not trying to sell this truck , they just tried to sell it to my wife she just decided on quad cab instead, and I figure this may help someone get a great truck.
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That sucks for me. I just ordered an SRT Quad Cab at the beginning of the month. I have family in Shelby that could have taken care of getting it to me too...oh well, I wanted the QC over the RC anyway.
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