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I went over to STS (Squires Turbo Systems) yesterday and talked with the owner, Rick Squires. He seems like a real nice guy and took time out when he was real busy to talk to me. He said they are currrently working on a turbo set up for for an SRT-10 QC from Salt Lake City. It should be done in the next few weeks. He promised to keep me posted on the outcome.

They sell a lot of Turbo systems as self-installed kits, including one for Hemi trucks. He said that the Hemi kits should work for our trucks with a few tweaks (maybe a little more turbo, y-pipe fabrication, etc.). Anyway, they are working on it and we should see some results soon. BTW, the Hemi kits sell for a mere $4,995.

Their website is if you're interested. They have a lot of dyno tests, photos, and articles from magazines.
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