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Record Setting SRT-10 vs. Lightning

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Just a link if you guys are interested. I can not even verify if all the info is correct, but it sounds legit ...

BTW ..SRT-10 wins ...barely ;)

Here's the link ...
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I talked with the Dodge guy he probably raced earlier in the day. His best time had been a 13.7 . He was the PVO guy who was working on all the mods for the SRT-4. I suggested we do the first SRT-10 side by side drag race outside of Dodge. We headed out for a good dinner and clean-up from the track day instead. Had a (very) little work to do to get ready for the car show. FYI, the PVO guys were running 1/2 second slower than everyone else in the Vipers at the last VOI. They are engineers, not drivers.
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