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Regular Cab as Tow Vehicle

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Howdy. Dumb question here.

I know the regular cab SRT-10 is not rated to tow. But it seems to me have most of the things I want in a tow vehicle - Big engine, manual transmission, regular cab, short bed, big brakes. It is compact and powerful.

I realize the suspension is set up as a street rod. But is it possible to modify the suspension back to regular SLT specs? Lift the front and rear to regular 2WD height. Put the axle on top of the leaf springs. Install heavy duty towing springs front and back. Maybe add helper springs or air bags to increase payload. The 2004 RCSB Hemi can tow 9000 lbs. With 525 ft-lbs of torque, the V-10 out to be able to tow.

Go ahead and tell me how this is a dumb idea.
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Plenty of our members Tow with their RC's......

So go ahead and do it!!
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Thanks Rick. :smile

But should I change the suspension, if I value towing more than street performance?

Is it possible to un-lower it?

I see several SRT-10s for sale on CarGurus for under $20k.

I want something that can safely tow a 5000 lbs J/24 sailboat 200 miles at 70 mph.


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I would recommend having it at stock height but let me see if I can get Andy or Dan to chime in on this. They tow more than anyone I can think of.
I don't tow with mine, but I'd figure that the suspension is so stiff, as long as you kept the tongue load reasonable, you shouldn't have too much trouble.
If you value towing performance over high performance I have one word of advice - Cummins
the truck weight is one thing - though i've hauled 10k + i don't recommend it. but 6k or under, all day every day.
i can't compete with a viper truck towing a viper truck, but i will challenge andy (the pic above) to an all out "towing" war.

i've worked every one of my trucks and i pull the race car to the track, the tool trailer to the jobsites, and everything in between.

but even i will attest, don't plan on hauling a bobcat to the jobsite in a 10 (not that that may or may not have happened)...

bottom line: stay aroung 5-6K and you're fine (without e-brakes)...

if you have any specific questions, PM me or andy and we can let you know ever so gingerly if you're an idiot or not :D
Plenty of our members Tow with their RC's......

So go ahead and do it!!
Nice! I am an ignorant to towing. What kind of tires are required for it?
Sorry to revive a old thread but I've been reading a lot of posts about towing with the regular cab and seen a few say you can tow OK with it up to about 6k if easy on clutch. But I have a 35 foot aluminum camper that has a weight if 5340 according to the registration and would like to know if I could possibly use a RC srt
I towed many Viper race cars with a Ram SRT10 Single cab. Dodge did not rate the Single cab model for towing as the T6060 was not rated for it. The clutch can be an issue, don' t get stuck on a steep hill as slipping the clutch can be bad with a load. Also, these engines are knock sensitive and can burn up pulling a long grade
with a bad tank of gas. I had to replace head gaskets once, as the heads had "lifted" due to detonation.

I next used a QC SRT truck to tow a client's race Viper to numerous events, it was perfect. Towed a 10,500
pound enclosed trailer at 75mph without any issue. Pulled the Baker grade to Los Vegas with plenty of power.
problem was I could pass anything but a gas station.

A Cummins truck is the way to go, but less cool factor.
Upgrade the clutch and RC should do ok, qc would be better


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