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Replacing a sentry key?

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I'm wanting to get some Viper keys made up for my truck. Does anyone know if you can just take Viper transponder keys and program them for the Ram?
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The Viper SRT/10's don't use transponder keys... so they won't work for your SRT/10 ram. I've seen people tie an old key inside the column to allow the vehicle to run, and then you could use the "Viper snake" key blank to run the truck. (However, you've just defeated the ignition security as the key tied inside the column would let the truck run if someone jimmied the key cylinder).

Now if you get really creative you could slowly cut the grey rubber from your key, and then epoxy the viper key plastic ontop of the grey key's chip... We really need someone with a molding machine to knock a few out huh?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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