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Ricer was cool

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on the way home tonight, a ricer flys up to me (I was only in second doing 20) and he gives the nod for me to take off. Well I did, WHOLLY ****, in second I took off like a F'in rocket :eek: He was no where near me. Cool thing was, the ricer pulled up to me at the light and said AWESOME TRUCK DUDE! Made me feel good. He was not your typical ricer

Site :cool:
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Good deal.Show him what some good `ol American muscle is about.

Yeah I love that too :D
Yeah he probably just wanted to see it go!!!! I was getting some fuel for the beast the other night and a group of ricers were hanging out in the parking lot all just gawking at the I pull out some of them are turning their hands over and over mocking a burnout!!!! Didnt do it, first of all, I dont need to impress anybody especially young kids, secondly there was a car in the way or I would have scratch second for em!!!! Funny thing is in my life whenever I show off, it ends up biting me in the ass....I have learned, dont do it....

lol i have to agree with that showing off part
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