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rsw4723 said:
but not Dodge nor Vipers.
Hi, since we talking about Qatar :D i dont know man but it seems you dont go out much or maybe not lucky and always in indoor malls :p all Qatar is :p Porsche's are sure the loved sport car here ! dont ask me why but they every where :rolleyes: there is few Viper SRT-10's out there a red one,silver(crashed few months ago), White RSI 550 Mamba, and like 3 RAM SRT-10's, Blue 40the murcielago and some other colors ! and few other Lambos old/new and there is 2 Carrera GT's one is shipped few months ago outside the country , and an SLR or 2 and Ferrari's.

well lets forget about other cars !!Viper always rules :D

Bill Pemberton told me they had shipped a viper to Qatar
yes Sir! they did and infact they did it like no other company did they for sure the #1 dealers, some pics for the car when it arrived ill get the yellow pics soon too :cool:

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