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in Doha, Qatar...very small country between UAE and Saudi Arabia in the Middle East. Currently working in Qatar from the states and been watching the board for some time now. I’m a big fan of the SRT-10 and been searching my area to purchase, but had to depart at the last minute to work overseas.

Anyway, on my way to have lunch and pulled into my local American food place when I noticed something big and red in the parking lot. Most or all of the cars here are Toyota Camrays or Land Cruisers and all white. Because it’s so hot here people normally don’t buy red or black cars. Plus it’s a truck, from time to time you see Ford Trucks from the Oil and Gas companies, but not Dodge nor Vipers.

This can’t be …all the way from the states and plus the truck was just release. Sure enough, it’s the real thing…from the hood scoop, wheels and rear-end. From the gage pod and trim. This looks to be a fully option truck with Nav. Checked out the inside and all the correct seating colors and standard shift.

The SRT-10 looks to be brand new, as the tires show no wear and plastic on the seats. The plastic doesn’t mean it’s just off the lot as local people “keep” the plastic on the seats. Why, I have no idea. I thought about it and this makes sense…gas here is less that .50 a liter and one could fill up with 97 oct. for about $10 US and burn rubber all day long!

Thought I would share my findings from the Middle East. Keep Rolling Guys!!!!!
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