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well i do believe the time has come for me to say good bye! i'm sure you guys could care less but i figured i'd put it up here and see what happens anyway- this has been my project for sometime now-a year and a half,and it just is not practical.i know, i know .... nor is the srt but once you've driven that who cares what's practical. i've invested way too much money in this thing and for the most part is a show truck. i mean there are some minor touches that need to be done to really take it to that level(body mods, s/c) but it is damn close,...out of this world suspension and the list goes on-

curious about anything, feel free to personal message me.
P.S. HP is great, don't get me wrong,but there is something to be said for being able to air out at 80 mph on the freeway when someone is riding your ass. trust me the sparks ones frame makes usually moves them off ones ass. not to mention , if you switch lanes you can shoot plastic reflectors all over their...... well ......... nevermind i wouldn't know-- TREV


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