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Service time?

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Got 3000 miles on big red, going to change the oil.
Parts supply have sent me a fuel filter also. Hav`nt looked yet, but wheres this at on the truck?
Anything else to look for while I`m under there?
On a different note, saw a black 575 Ferrari coming in the opposite direction the other day, doing like 30 in a 60 zone, leaning right over the steering wheel, mouth open and looking at my truck! how I smiled ! Common old Ferrari`s eh ! :D :D
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Last Fall I was in a 6 vehicle caravan for 25 miles doing 80mph down a beautiful Northwoods highway. First 5 vehicles were all new Vipers and I was holding up the rear. Tons of looks from the opposite direction especially on the Ram SRT-10. Great view looking over those Vipers...wished I had a photo! I'll try to hook up with the Viper Club gathering this September.
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