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shhhh its sleeping

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here are pictures of the fanged beast asleep and resting.


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I think I need a cover for mine in the garage as well. It actually gets really dusty in there just with the red dirt blowing in though the cracks around the garage door. If it wasnt black you wouldnt even notice!!!!But it really sticks out. dam dust is like magnetic too, doesnt want to come off even at 90 mph!!! :confused:

i actually have some antistatic spray that i purchased that seems to work really well, and i am pleased with it, at least on my wifes silverado SS. i used hers as the test subject. but anyway, she will stay covered for the next six months as i am oversease working right now... kinda sux, but ill always have a low mileage, low production, truck.
wheredwhogo? said:
here are pictures of the fanged beast asleep and resting.
What cover is that. Model. MFG, Website? :)

its the dustop cover from ran me about 220 USD. made for indoor storage only, but they have an assortment that fits your applications. did that just sound like a sales pitch?lol :p
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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