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Shift Light

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What are your thoughts on shift lights? Which one do you recommend?
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I was going to put an Autometer shift light on my A-pillar next to the temp gauge. I have one for my 71 that I never installed, maybe I will use that. (It should look cool through the window also.)
Search the site. I bought one that was recommended here. Raptor I think. The thread has pictures too.
Raptor Shift Light

I have a Raptor. Nice piece. Have it mounted in the left AC vent by the radio.
Easy to mount and Raptor has directions on the install on our trucks. (Sting Ray provided this info to Rapror. Thanks again.)..................Jack
Execllent!! I forgot all about that one.

Thx for the info guys :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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