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SRT 10 Cluster in a Hemi?

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Can this be done? I want to put a SRT-10 cluster in my 04 Hemi Short 1500 Quad-CAb.. Will it work? or should I ask will the 2005 SRT-10 QC cluster work? either of them is fine, I wand to pt it in, the gauges have numbers on the SRT-10 where the Hemi 1500 does not, the only difference is the speeo reading is higher on the SRT-10.
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it would be too much work. The SRT-10 speedometer gauge going all the way to 160 is the problem.

the only difference is that it marks 160 and it says SRT-10. your truck is not an SRT-10, why do you want a cluster that says it?
why not

I like the gauges. I am going to make mine into a SRT Hemi, So will it work?
I can get it for free

Dodge is going to warranty my current cluster, and replace it, and I am trying to find out if it will work....Anyone have any knowledge on this??
your speedo will be 20mph or more off. maybe even 30mph
Will it work then?

I can always recalibrate the speedo, will everything else plug in correctly? Do I need the 2005 QC cluster? I have an Automatic(since that's all the Hemi's have) will that matter?
Just trade your Hemi in on a 2004 SRT-10. Then you'll have it all!! :D :D
Need the Quad

Need the quad and the Hemi
diddle head give it up, they're not going to give you any info about putting one our precious limited edition parts off our srt so you can make an imitation. :cool:
Perhaps it will work, but you guys are acting like Corvette Guys, with an attitude about it. :( I guess I will just do it anyway. It looks like the 05 QC SRT10, only with a Hemi.. It's only a matter of time until they stay producing them as another SRT 8 Product with the 6.1litre Hemi :D
I would have to say that it will not work. The instrument cluster (also know as EMIC-ElectroMechanical Instrument Cluster) functions as the body control module. The EMIC provides a lot more function to the vehicle than you would think. It all depends on all of the vehicle options. I have a document file saved with part of DC's service info that describes the operation of the EMIC. Here is the link to that file...

EMIC info

Let me know if the link does not work. The file was too large to attach here.
macdhaibhidh said:
Need the quad and the Hemi
are you saying you would rather have a 345hp Hemi over a 500HP V10? You need the quad? Thats why its the SRT 10 Quad Cab. A 500hp V10 is just 15 times better than a hemi

I need the Quad cab Hemi, Hemi mpg is better, A should be able to get the power I need from my muscle car. I only want the numbers on the gauges, to know whats going on..I got a hell of a deal, 26 miles on my 2004 Hemi Laramie QC, for $24,000!!! So half as much as a SRT 10, I have an in and they are blowing out the 2004, they sold a SRT10 for 36K, but I need the QC(for the kids). So that's where I am..
I have 2 Hemis and 1 SRT-10. Life is good. Do what you want. It's your $$$. Have you learned any lessons from this post? There aren't too many on this site that give a Rat's Ass about anything concerning the Hemi. Enjoy you truck and change whatever you want on it. Stick to your guns! :D
I'd assume they are like FOrd. With the dash cluster (including the tach and odometer) are Matched to the PCM.

So if you buy an aftermarket Odometer (trying to cheat the system) you have to thave the matching PCM for it to work
Just get the new one

macdhaibhidh said:
Need the quad and the Hemi
Why not get the new 2005 Quad Cab SRT-10?
You will have more than a Hemi?
You will have the Total Package.
Or are you a Hemi collector?
I don't know if it will work or not.
I think calibrating the speedo would be the only issue,
but I do not know that for sure.
The layout looks to be the same, except for speedo...
and I don't know about the electronics side of it.

I attached pics of my gauges < showing rpm w/4.56 gears >
and the SRT-10 gauges, just for comparison


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Thanks, I am a Hemi collector, and going thriugh a Divorce, perhaps in the future I may get a SRT-10 to go kick some Chevy Asses :D
They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery so thanks for the compliment. Like Droopy said, it's your truck and your money so knock yourself out. From other comments, it doesn't look like an easy swap if it'll work at all.

Sorry about the divorce. Hope all works out for the best.
Little bit of an 8 month hiccup in this thread ;)

New cluster didn't work did it ;)
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