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SRT 10 Gearbox

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Hello everyone

Will the automatic gearbox of the 2005 SRT10 be tiptronic, so you can choose between automatic and that you change gears on your steering wheel? And will it be available without quad cab, but with automatic gearbox?

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all i heard is that the auto will only be available on the extended cab, and that you can only get an extended with auto. ONLY RUMORS... tried to confirm with dealership but they couldnot. hope that helped
I would say that FUTUREram is correct. I heard it from one of the SRT guys a short while back. Although plans do change from time to time. That's a good question on the shifter. How do we know it's not on the column? Isn't it a diesel tranny?

The SRT-10 QC I saw was a column shifter. It's just a diesel tranny from the cummins 600 ft lb engine. It is still a 4 speed auto for now. The seats are just like the regular cab seats with folding armrest in the middle. I don't think that DC is going to get too fancy with this. Would cost too much in R & D and bump the price up more. Just a thought. :cool:
SRT-10 QC column shifter

Droopy is correct the SRT-10 QC has a column shifter. I have one
on order .... suppose to be built in October. Only other difference
from the 2004 I've noticed is "DODGE" name on the tailgate is
gone replaced by the Dodge Ram logo like on the front. And
even thought the website says a sunroof is an option it is not
orderable. Of course 4.56 gears, trailor hitch std. but tonneau
cover is not std.
larbob said:
even thought the website says a sunroof is an option it is not
I heard they would not start building sunroof models until the very end of this year.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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