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SRT-10 Pricing

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I was at the new Jacksonville Dodge dealership to get a oil change. They had a Silver SRT-10 on the floor with the Stero navigation system on board.
MRSP $45,750.00 plus a $20,000.00 finders fee. The salesman said they would take$10,000.00 on top of MRSP. This leads me to believe that there will be no 2005 SRT-10's.

What do you guys think??
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It could be greed. If this is the only year for production then the demand would be increased. Could be a good investment.
Shop around

Lots of folks are paying MSRP. Just because the dealer is asking doesn't mean you have to pay it.
Geez what a rip, some dumbass will probably pay it. I saw that place off 9a today. Sweet dealership, but with sales tactics like that I'll never go there.
KY Jelly

Over here we often hear the phrase "lucky you live hawaii." This is definately not the case in relation to auto dealerships. You already know how its going to go down before you get there, so your better off to just bring your own. Cutter Dodge in Pearl City, on Oahu is advertising s Silver one for 64,488. Where they got that # one can only guess
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